We understand that when looking into IPL laser hair removal, it can be daunting trying to choose the right company. Jo and her staff want to make sure you’re completely happy, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or just want to chat about what we do. Smooth Operator, 3 Lashbrooks Road, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 2AY
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Lasers use specific wavelengths to provide energy to target areas (in this case the target is the melanin in hair) which produces heat and destroys the target. IPL laser hair removal works by using pulsed light to target the part of the hair follicle responsible for hair regeneration which disables the process of hair re-growth forever. The laser zaps the melanin in the bulge area of the hair follicle and stops it from being able to provide oxygen and nutrients to other areas of the hair. It works on any location including legs, chest, back, underarms, face and bikini line and is a non-invasive treatment.

You can expect the hair to fall out within 10 – 14 days. I use a mild sugar scrub in the shower on the 10th day, which helps to exfoliate the skin and remove the hair.

Lasers and pulsed light target an area of follicles at once, so you can treat large areas of skin. While it would take years to perform electrolysis on the back or legs, a typical IPL laser hair removal session on both legs usually takes under two hours.

Complete hair removal differs between clients, you could need up to 8 treatments and for extra thick hair it might be necessary to have 10 sessions.

Most clients see a vast improvement (frequently by more than 50%) within the first 4 treatments. Several treatments with a laser hair remover are needed because there are 3 stages of hair growth and lasers only affect hair that is in the active, “Anagen” growth phase.

Anything other than shaving or creaming tampers with the growth of the root, so it is essential you do not wax, pluck, or use electrolysis in between treatments. This is necessary as each growth cycle has to be completed before we start to treat the next cycle. The dead hair will push its way up until it falls out. We then get to work on the next cycle.

IPL is an extremely effective method of hair removal, but you need to be dedicated to the treatment to see the full results! It is essential that you leave the recommended time between treatments.

Your laser hair professional at Smooth Operator will recommend the optimal treatment plan for you.

You will be advised by your technician, but in general terms you need a little growth to being with, so shave no less than three to four days prior to treatment.

The pulsed light in IPL laser hair removal feels like a rubber band popping against your skin, although some machines perform differently. Not every zap will hurt and I’ve found some areas (lower legs) hurt more than others (thighs). I normally advise taking a couple of ibuprofen an hour before your session.

Because lasers kill the follicle, hair won’t grow back causing the in-grown hairs you get with waxing. Waxing damages the follicle, it doesn’t always kill it and hair can grow in on itself.

Permanent removal of all unwanted body hair can be achieved thanks to IPL Laser.

Once the hair has been killed, it WILL NOT grow back, it’s a little like going bald, when it’s gone it’s gone!

3 Reasons I Dislike Shaving

Reason 1: The smooth results last only an hour. I have sandpaper leg hair, which means within a few hours of shaving, my legs turn into a fine grain. A couple days later and the fine grain has grown coarse.

Reason 2: Wintertime shaving. There’s nothing worse than when goosebumps develop in mid-stroke (I have sworn for years that you can FEEL the hair grow when you get goosebumps). Or you shiver in the shower and slice the tops off!

Reason 3: The rashes and the nicks. It’s a rare occasion that I have a rash free and nickless shaving experience. In fact I’m certain it’s never happened.

After years of shaving I discovered waxing. There were many things about waxing I loved. The results leave you smooth as a baby’s bottom. But here I offer…

3 Reasons I Will Never Wax Again

Reason 1: The pain. Want to know what waxing feels like? Take a 15 centimeter length of packing tape and apply it to your forearm. Pat it down so every hair is firmly attached. Hold on to one end, take a deep breath and RIIIIPPPPP!!!!

Reason 2: The growing out period between waxes. For waxing to work, you need longish hair for strips to adhere to. This means if you want to wear skirts outside the house in summer and you’re at the point where you’re just about ready for Waxing, you have to endure sandpaper legs.

Reason 3: It’s not permanent, so there is a continual ongoing cost.

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