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Had 5 sessions so far and have been extremely pleased and amazed by the results! The regrowth is very sparse, certainly considering getting other areas done. I had never had laser treatment before but Jo was lovely, very reassuring and always answered any questions I had. Would happily recommend to anyone!
J Nutley
May 2021
I absolutely recommend Jo (AKA Smooth Operator); she has been very professional, friendly and welcoming at all of my appointments. Jo makes the environment feel safe, it is clean and the laser results are unbelievable! Jo only does/charges for what is needed, and therefore is very trustworthy. Thank you, Jo, x
Sara, Hailsham
May 2021
I absolutely love the service I have always received from Jo. She is incredibly friendly and her warm and vivacious personality makes you feel very at ease. Her home clinic in Uckfield is incredibly professional, clean, and modern with close attention to hygiene especially with regards to covid. What first attracted me to the service was the pay as you go treatments. Quite often with these kinds of treatments you are encouraged to pay for an expensive course up front and so I really like the affordability that paying as you go gives me. I have recommended others for treatments who have also been pleased with the service received. I am pleased with my results and the price is very reasonable and wouldn’t hesitate to encourage anyone thinking of starting a treatment to get in touch.
Holly, Uckfield
May 2021
Well, Miss Jo Argent - what can I say? I have always believed in laser hair removal, as I would have looked like the woman on the greatest showman without it.... However, Jo makes the experience very pleasurable. She is both entertaining and meticulous at her trade. I have now started removing hair in other parts of my body. I am so impressed and for someone like myself who has eczema shaving can be a painful experience!! I have noticed a vast difference in just x2 sessions with Jo. All in all, I am a massive advocate of laser hair removal and cannot recommend Jo more!!
Natalie, Battle
May 2021


I was initially unsure how good this was going to be. I was wrong it is brilliant.
Alison, Forest Row,
October 2020
Just had my first holiday without having to shave, didn't think it was possible!
Teresa, Littlehampton
September 2020
I was recommended to see the lovely Jo, so glad I did. I recommended a friend and now get one free session per IPL treatment.
Sara, Framfield
October 202o
My husband didn't think this was for him, having seen his results he now knows it is for him.
Hannah, Uckfield
October 2020
Love love love!!! I had a load of questions for Jo, and she was patienat and spent time with me answering them all. It works really really well and i'm super happy with the results after just one month
Angel, Hailsham
September 2020
I was a little sceptical on my friends report of her results, but I cannot believe how good the first session on my bikini line was, I am surprised. I have now had 2 sessions and already im going a few weeks with no hair, as well as the regrowth being much finer.
Sara, Uckfield
August 2020
No more age spots on my hands, makes me feel mighty good.
Liza, Battle
August 2020
It will be so good to go out this Summer with bare arms and legs and no dark hairs.
Barbara, East Grinstead
July 2020
Jo’s machine really works! I noticed that my hair on my face and arms started to fall out easily after just 10 days. Then after 3 weeks it barely grew back. I really do recommend Smooth Operator IPL, Jo is a lot more competitive too. Could not be happier, a real confidence booster if you hate facial hair like me.
Katie, Findon
July 2020
NO MORE ARMPIT/ BIKINI LINE HAIR!!! I can't believe it, i really can't. My underarm hair took almost 6 weeks to appear after only 3 treatments and my bikini line has almost disappeared. I travel a lot and hated epilating, shaving is a no go for me now. I'm amazed by the results. Thanks so much for entering into my life.
Caroline, Worthing
June 2020
My husband said waxing hurt like hell, and no way ‘was he having that happen again’ it was torture. He is ow on his 4th session and his back is hair free for 4 weeks lone, he is
Tracy for James, Newick
May 2020


Going on another hair free holiday!! Jo you are amazing! You can’t believe how much confidence you have given me in a bikini xxxxx
Clair, Battle
June 2019
My young daughter had a few sessions on her top lip, it was a big confidence booster for her
Jo, Haywards Heath
August 2019
Jo, thank you so much – my husband was extremely nervous. He tells me you immediately put him and ease, made him laugh and feel so comfortable. Shocked at results of first treatment, Happy husband 😊
Sophie, Uckfield
January 2019
What a great idea for my daughters 21st – she is now back packing and reports she LOVES not having to shave.
Lisa, Buxted
January 2019
I can go out with having to cover my face in a scarf! I feel more confident, and cant wait for my next session!
Sheila, Hartfield
February 2019


I have just completed my fifth session of hair removal. I have started to see fabulous results, I don’t have to shave half as much as I used to already! Jo is so lovely and friendly which definitely puts me at ease. 👍👍
Christine, Battle
July 2018
I would highly recommend anyone thinking of laser hair removal to use Jo at Smooth Operator. Laser hair removal is a very personal treatment but Jo is so friendly, kind & professional and makes you feel so comfortable from the start. I am absolutely amazed at the results I have received & will certainly be getting more areas done in the near future. The prices are also very competitive but the main thing for me is that Jo also didn’t make me feel pressured to use Smooth Operator in the initial consultation, aftercare is always provided and the results you receive (even from the patch test) are just outstanding. Thank you Jo.. you’re truly amazing at what you do!!
Frankie Harvey
July 2018
When you go to your regular hair removal appointment and you lovely thereapist is struggling to find hairs to zap, well couldn't be happier, money well spent!!!
Kim, Battle
May 2018
Will be back to have much more of my body lasered.
Teresa, Battle
April 2018
Hi Jo, is there somewhere I can leave a glowing review?? You are so awesome!! X
Emily, Findon
January 2018
Oh my word, I was completely astounded with the results of my patch test, 2 weeks later, literally no hair under my arm at all.
Jennifer, Crawley
October 2017


My son’s acne was MUCH reduced after 6 sessions, he went to his prom feeling far more confidant
Mike, Uckfield
July 2017
After my sister in-law’s recommendation to have book laser with Jo, I haven’t looked back – Love it
Susan, Heathfield
June 2017
I very happy with results of my underarms, and have gone on to book my legs in, I've promised myself to keep going until I am hair free
Mireille, Hartfield
May 2017
Having dark hair and suffering with ingrowing hairs has always been a problem in my life. Since being recommended Jo Argent by a friend this has been one of the best decisions I could have made. The treatment is quick and easy (mess free), always performed professionally and a friendly service. Overall over the moon with the results and would highly recommended.
Jo, East Grinstead
January 2017


I love Jo's friendly approach, I love the results of the treatment, I love her prices.
Christine, Fordcombe
October 2016
After I had waited 15 days for my hair to fall out i understood how IPL worked, have now booked for full leg instead of half.
Andrea, Battle
September 2016
The underarm that you used as a test patch is growing back much slower and less prickly, looking forward to having the full works.
Tracey, Uckfield
August 2016
I am so excited that for the first time in my entire life I am thinking about holidays and bikinis, all because your treatment is getting rid of all my horrid hair, thank you so much.
Sandy, Seaford
August 2016
19 days after treatment my back was virtually bald!
Philip, Haywards Heath
July 2016
My first holiday when i haven't had to shave the entire time.
Jade, Findon
July 2016
My goodness I have to text to say that the hair on my legs is falling out, I am screaming the house down for joy. Lol so excited xx.
Pip, Bexhill
June 2016
Just thought id drop you a line to say I'm LOVING the results of my treatment, and its only the first.
Gemma, Findon
April 2016
Jo, my husband was petrified. You made him so very comfortable, he is asking me when his next appointment is! Thank you.
Rachel, Haywards Heath
April 2016
Laser with Jo has renewed my self confidence, facial hair is on the WAY OUT.
Kim, Heathfield
April 2016
Jo is professional, organised and a joy to work with. She is an asset to my business.
Dawn, Findon
April 2016
Was great meeting you yesterday and I am so much more confident about the treatment after speaking with you just wish I hadn't bothered with the other lot!
James, Crawley
March 2016
Saturday morning Laser Hair Removal Cininc . Another busy day ahead here for hair removal which is done via Laser .The results are amazing . But what's also amazing is this lady right here ( Jo Dixon ) .Jo has been running laser hair removal clinics from our beauty room for two years now and has built up a fantastic client base but also a fantastic trusting relationship with all the clients Which to me is everything .This lady is so motivated and full of Joy not forgetting knowledgeable . So thank you Jo, truly admire you and your work - Thank you for inspiring and being part of our team 💖 . Contact us on 01342 457 215
Joanne Fowler, The Beauty Room, Turners Hill
February 2016
"I couldn't agree more with what Joanne has said. Your knowledge and the care you take, really makes people feel comfortable and safe. The passion and positivity you have for what you do means that only good things can come from a visit to you!!"
Jenny, Seaford
February 2016


Haven't seen her for ages and can't wait to book in out next app. Jo your one of the most inspirational women I've met as I'm sure everyone who knows you will agree :0)
Hayley, Nutley
November 2015
I wasn't really sure IPL would work so Jo lasered one leg so I could see the difference. I am now trying to book in to get the other side done as well as underarms.
Helen, Heathfield
May 2015
Thanks Jo Argent, I have no hair on my face for the first time in years!
Julie, Crowborough
May 2015
Jo, thank you so very much, NO HAIR remaining, my husband didn't actually believe it would happen, after years of waxing, plucking and shaving, I can eventually report that I no longer need to worry about body hair. It took 9 sessions, but I could have stopped at session 8, I just wanted to kill every little damn hair. Roll on my holiday without all the hair removing paraphilia! On top of that, I always looked forward to seeing you, and will miss coming for our major life catch ups. Thank you.
Claire M, Heathfield
March 2015
I've finished my treatment; I am thrilled, but not so thrilled not to be seeing Jo again.
Jennifer, Reading Room
February 2015
I have had treatment at other clinics, which was successful, but I have decided continue my treatment with Jo, she made me feel so much more welcome.
Heather, Crawley Down
January 2015

More comments over the years..

I am having treatment for my Acne, which is going really well, exactly everything Jo explained about the treatment has happened. I am very happy, love visiting Jo for my treatment, and chit chat session!"

"I have had laser with Jo, and I am very happy with the results, so much so I have invited her into my salon to run a clinic."

"The hair under my arms fell out after 10 days! I am definitely going back."

"I needed convincing that this treatment would work, Jo suggested I have treatment and see results before I paid, that, in itself was refreshing. I did take her up on her offer, and have since paid up in full and booked for my Mum to visit her. This treatment does work, yes patience is needed, but results soon show."

"The veins on my face have been driving me mad for years, and Jo’s machine got rid of them…..."

"The results of my IPL laser with Jo have been amazing, I’ve been putting it off for years, and now feel really mad with myself for wasting time, the vanishing of my facial hair has really given me back my self-confidence = thank you Jo "

"Bikini Line moved onto underarms, which moved onto legs, so so happy….what will I do without my 8 weekly session with Jo ? Needless to say I am very happy."

"I have had several laser hair removal treatments with Jo so far and the results are amazing! I look forward to every 8 weeks as Jo is so professional and friendly that it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend Jo as she is very clear, honest and sensitive with every step of the treatment. She is also so competitively priced that it is affordable! I wish I had discovered her years ago. I can honestly say I feel as though she has given me my confidence back. Thank you so much Jo! "

"I have been having laser hair removal treatment with Jo of smooth operator since August 2012. I was in a lot of distress with a severe skin condition on my legs before I began my treatment with Jo. After several laser treatments my severe folliculitis has now completely gone and my hair growth has almost stopped too! Jo explained thoroughly how the treatment worked and really helped me deal with my terrible skin problems! Jo is always so friendly and welcoming at every appointment I have and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about laser treatment! It has been worth every penny so far! Thank you Jo for giving me my confidence back!!"

"Laser hair removal and facial pigmentation removal: Jo argent is a fantastic practitioner very knowledgeable and also explains what is happening and how things work - half way through treatment and am really noticing it working now so pleased with the results. She is very flexible and works with you and what you want to achieve with no fuss. Highly highly recommend her as she gives top service at a competitively very good deal for this Laser treatment. Feel totally refreshed after our visits as she is also just a pretty nice gal :0) "

"Leg, bikini line, underarm hair laser removal: I couldn't recommend Jo more highly. Lovely person, very professional and competitively priced. The great thing about having laser hair removal is that you do it over a period of a year or so which makes it much more affordable. Results have been good, over time there is less and less need to shave or wax. Nearly hair-free. Really worth it, wish I had done it years ago "

"Laser hair removal: Jo is very professional, well qualified, very experienced and extremely friendly. The treatment worked, I'm very happy with the results so far. I have been recommending her to all my friends. Jo is a very charming person, easy to talk to and gives good advise. I have been to two of her salons and they are both very clean and tidy. A very happy client, thank you Jo! "

"Lazer hair removal and facial pigmentation removal: Jo is both sensitive and honest. I found the whole process to be professional and comfortable. I have returned to smooth operator and tried various new treatments and have recommended friends and family. I have no hesitation in giving my recommendation to any new client. Jo is really truthful about what could be achieved and it is a pleasure to see her. "

"Laser treatment- arm pits and bikini area: Amazing results so far, will continue to go through the process. Was hesitant at first but treatment has really shocked me how well it has worked! Extremely welcoming, friendly, clean and very professional. Have recommended to all friends! "

"Hair removal: Jo was very friendly and informative and I am delighted with the results of my treatment "

"I always thought Lazer treatment was expensive. However, I took the plunge and so happy I did. I have had my under arms, hair line and hair on cheeks treated. So happy with results. Hair growth has really reduced - in fact one has patches - yey!. The results are amazing. I feel so much better about myself. All I can say is despite initial cost the long term benefits are really worth it. Money well spent. Especially if you find some one who makes you feel at ease, comfortable, caring with personality."

"I started the IPL a while ago, and from the beginning Jo was very professional and friendly, giving me a full run through of what to expect during the treatment and afterwards. She has a lovely, clean treatment room and has always answered any questions I have about the treatment. I have never had to wait and she has been extremely flexible with booking appointments, making the whole thing very painless! The treatment itself is fantastic, and I wish I had done this sooner! If you are considering having this done I would highly recommend her to you, as I have done to several of my friends. I will definitely be investing in more IPL on other areas as it has been so successful."

"I am delighted with the results on my legs!"

"My sister and I have found Jo to be completely discreet and totally professional, that is why we continue to have regular treatments. We have now introduced our daughters to Jo's treatments - she has a very nice way with her and has put our girls at ease. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jo."

"Jo is outstanding in all areas of her profession. Jo is thorough in her treatments, always considers her clients. She is incredibly friendly and warm which makes laser treatment even more enjoyable! Jo's location is professional and clean and you are always welcomed with a smile! Highly recommend her services."

"Thread Vein Removal: Really impressed with both the treatment, the results and the therapist - Jo is fantastic; really friendly, reliable and professional - cannot recommend highly enough! "

"Laser treatment for removal of brown spots on hands: Jo is a dream! Professional and friendly and the treatment she gave me worked to a level I could not believe! Would recommend her to anyone and everyone! "

"I had always wanted laser hair removal but thought it would be expensive and painful, but how wrong I was! Jo's knowledge and care was beyond expectation, and it really made me feel at ease, especially as she is so welcoming and friendly, I really do enjoy my regular visits to her and I'm due one tomorrow, and I have been looking forward to it for so long now, for I know the results yet again will be excellent and exactly what I want. I used to shave literally every day, as I have thick coarse leg hairs, but now I shave once week, and I have only had 2 treatments. Soon I will on kneed to shave once a fortnight! I recommend Jo to all my friends, she simply is the best around and most affordable."

"Jo was very friendly and informative and I am delighted with the results of my treatment"

"Warm, charming and the ultimate professional. I have recommended Jo to all my clients and friends. So refreshing to find a therapist with real passion and genuine interest in her clients. The results have been amazing!"

"Not an altogether pain-free treatment, but thrilled to bits....looking forward to having my age spots removed next."

"My wife is delighted with the reduction in hair on my back, thank you!"

"Bikini line on its way to being done....legs next. I can't wait until I never have to wax again!"

"I feel so much more confident after the treatment to the acne on my face. Such a fantastic result."

"OMG, my hairs are really falling out!"

"Can't believe I can really see a difference after my first session."

"I had this treatment under persuasion from my girlfriend...I am already really delighted with the short term outcome and will definitely be completing the course."